Gestalt Portrait

Gestalt is based on the psychology of how we organise our thoughts and how we view the world. Our perception is based on our knowledge and experiences. In this exercise we were asked to do a gestalt portrait referencing the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. This is the result of my finish product.

I was a bit dumbfound at first however when I went to the Asian supermarket I decided to design a face of Asian influence. Below is Mr Hung Le – just a random name that I have plucked out. 🙂 Firstly I thought I should buy material that I will eat once. I wanted big face and smooth complexion so I settled for the pawpaw. I sliced the pawpaw in half so the back can be flat allowing me to place items on top without having to secure it with toothpicks.I place the pawpaw on a round white place and wanted 2 small even shaped eyes (so I bought a pallet of strawberries. I put the pawpaw pip in the center of he strawberries to act as eyeballs. I wanted to created a head of bean shoot like a nutty professor, gave it a chilli for a mouth and used the pips the chilli to give it a freckled appearance. I took the green  part of the strawberry to give Mr Hung Le frowning eyebrows.

I wanted to keep this simple and fun. Mr Hung is a tropical man, made of Asian influence produces.


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